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Sometimes by concentrating only on the cup we fail to enjoy the coffee

Savor the coffee not the cup its in...

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Capturing the canvas of the world through his lens, David A. Fairchild is a renowned commercial photographer specializing in wedding, magazine, industrial and conceptual photography.  His experience spans more than 30 years, and he offers services to both individual portrait and corporate clients, including photographs for journalism mediums, architecture, fashion, corporate lifestyle, still life, and event wedding  photography.

"I believe in creating  long-term relationships with my clients, as I am always attentive to their needs, creating unique photographs that will satisfy design, deadline and budget requirements."  

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A Photographer with the knowledge to get it done right the first time

I am a photographer and theatrical director. The creativity of my work combines the essence of both disciplines, experience spans more than 30 years and includes news, architectural, fashion, corporate, lifestyle, still life, and event photography. My commercial clients range from advertising agencies to automotive manufacturers, and architects to ballet companies. I enjoy collaborating with clients to create unique photographs that satisfy design, deadline, and budget parameters

The Chadwick Class of 2018

The Chadwick Schools Class of 2018 soon to graduate and I will be doing the formal portraits of each student.  Not only for their personal use but for the schools commemorative book which details each students participation in learning.  

Rick de Lome

David has that unique creative abilty to translate a concept or idea into a pure form of art with his eye and his lens. His lighting skill are second to none, and his ability to produce creative solutions to non-creative situations are part of his working style. I would have no hesitation in recommending David or his work.
Rick de Lome, Creative Director

The Best Deal

I think the best deal of all the deals is having a photograph of yourself or your product that you feel confident is the best.

David Fairchild has moved

Since moving to San Pedro California I have found that there are so many locations for my "Shoots On Location" style of photography.  Surrounded by the sea and so many wonderful places to shoot I find I really don't like to be in the studio.


I think the most frequently asked question is; What Should I Wear???

And my answer to this us usually a discussion with each different person on what looks best on them.  The color the cut of the clothing and the image you wish to put forward.